Kitesurfing Kites 24 Moto XL APEX only

24 Moto XL APEX only

24 Moto XL APEX only New

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Performance Freeride/ Crossover

  Brand: Cabrinha
  Delivery: Upon order
  Warranty: 2 years
  Model year: 2024
  Category: Kitesurfing
  Sub-Category: Kites
  Type: Performance Freeride/ Crossover

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Details: 24 Moto XL APEX only

Lightwind/ Freeride
13 / 15 / 17

Threshold winds have always been the toughest challenge to any kite designer. Do you make a powerful kite, but sacrifice turning and playfulness, or do you make a light kite, but sacrifice the low end power that get’s you up and going.

Building off the highly successful Moto X platform with the combination of the materials used in the Apex Series, Pat Goodman was able to skillfully handcraft the perfect blend between power and fun.The lightweight Ultra HT and the new feather lite bladders bring down the weight, but also aid in the fun lively feel of the kite.

The Moto XL Apex is the kite you need in your quiver. The ultimate session saver, it will have you coming off the water with that look on your face which makes everyone know just how much fun you had.

3 Strut, Hybrid design, Low drag wind tips, Draft forward profiles

  • APEX Series – High end premium materials
  • Designed with the focus to be the first one on the water
  • Contra DNA with Moto X agility and handling
  • Refined low end performance for better upwind ability
  • Effortless relaunch in the lightest of wind conditions
  • Ultra-Reactive steering response
  • Ultra HT - strong, stable, and responsive Dacron material
  • Apex Bridle - thinner and lower elongation bridle for optimal efficiency and reactive steering
  • Feather lite bladders
  • Bi-directional pure profile panels
  • Sprint 3.0
  • Trailing edge EVA rigidity battens
  • Nano Ripstop Canopy, the benchmark in durability, stability and responsiveness
  • Durable TPU Leading edge bumpers

  • Lightwind Optimisation - Designed with the main focus to be ridden in the threshold winds where most kites can’t perform.
  • Apex Bridle - Cabrinha's new apex bridles are thinner and have lower elongation that optimises efficiency and steering. The reduced diameter lines increase airflow efficiency as airflow passes between the lines
  • Bi-Direction Pure Profile Panels - The smoothest and 3d correct shape we've ever created allowing the smoothest transition between the segmented leading edge and curved canopy.
  • Easy intuitive relaunch - The Moto XL's arc shape in conjunction with its light wind specifc profiling delivers incredibly simple relaunch in the lightest of winds maximizing riding time and keeping you on top of the water having fun when others are swimming in.
  • Nano Ripstop Canopy - The benchmark in durability, stability and responsiveness.
  • Direct Steering - Bar input immediately translates into kite adjustment.

  • Ultra HT - An Apex series product from the CAB Design Works Team. Developed exclusively for kite leading edges, it is a strong, stable, and exceptionally responsive material. Ultra HT reduces the weight of the leading edge and struts while boasting incredibly low elongation and response. A unique and proprietary coating process increases durability and performance unlike anything you have felt before.
  • The Sprint 3.0 inflation system increases air flow from leading edge to the strut.  The straight and angled valves allow for no kinking of the inflation tube.  It's secure fit design also allows for easy maintenance.
  • Bulletproof bumpers - These Durable TPU bumpers are strong, lightweight and durable.  They crossover protecting the canopy to LE sewing.  A new manufacturing process helps with abrasion when the kite is resting on a hard surface
  • High precision CNC laser cut panels
  • HIGH QUALITY KITE BAG - An all new stylish expanding backpack allows for fast packdown and comfy transportation of your kite, pump and control system.  Easily Expands to carry mulitple kites in one bag leading to more adventure and less faff!

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