Paddleboard Inflatables 24 JP AllroundAir LE

24 JP AllroundAir LE


  Brand: JP Australia
  Delivery: 7-14 days
  Warranty: 2 years
  Model year: 2024
  Category: Paddleboard
  Sub-Category: Inflatables
  Type: Allround

499 €

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Details: 24 JP AllroundAir LE

The AllroundAir was created to cover the widest range of average paddler’s needs: from absolute beginners to those taking white water runs; from amateur surfers to yoga enthusiasts.

This board was born to provide a taste of all the possibilities in Stand-Up Paddling, with the bonus of being a safe step into this world.

Included: Comfortable backpack with extra finbag, double action pump, repair kit, 9" fin

The pre-laminated double layer Light Edition construction is the ultimate in lightweight inflatable construction. The machine-pre-laminated two layers of airtight PVC create a durable shell of accurate thickness.


1. 3D Stringer (SE3DS & LE3DS only)

2. Tail Rail Edge (SE3DS & LE3DS only)

3. Welded Seam Technology (except SL)

4. Bungee rope

5. Stability for all kinds of riders

6. Triple Layer Composite Drop Stitch (SE 3DS only)

7. Double Layer Drop Stitch (except SE 3DS)



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