Windsurfing Boards 23 JP Magic Ride EVA

23 JP Magic Ride EVA

23 JP Magic Ride EVA New

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  Brand: JP Australia
  Delivery: Upon order
  Warranty: 2 years
  Model year: 2023
  Category: Windsurfing
  Sub-Category: Boards
  Type: Freeride

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1799 €
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Details: 23 JP Magic Ride EVA

Stunning boards which do everything you‘d expect from a freeride board – and they do it exceptionally well and exceptionally easily! Feeling playful and small, they sit high on the water, delivering the lively and sporty feel which makes windsurfing so exciting. They are fast, yet super easy to sail and control. These wide and thin boards willingly plane early. Their gybing potential impresses riders of all levels!

Since its inception, this line has been a magic blend of everything an advanced rider wants from their funboard. While the originals focussed on ease, the second generation turned out more agile and lively. The shapes of this 3rd generation feature significantly improved control at speed and through chop, resulting in a sporty and energetic character which is incredibly easy to handle.
Consequently, these boards ride smooth and fast. They gybe willingly and carve into and through turns with ease. They surprise, being JP’s most playful and manoeuvre oriented freeride boards. The magic of these boards pushes the performance and fun factor to the next level.

The Magic Ride is the undisputed ‘Master of the Turn‘ in the freeride class: In gybes it feels effortless and refined even in challenging sea states. Still featuring its respected autopilot qualities, the MR requires little input from the rider and its forgiveness will pamper the intermediate rider and increase their success rate in gybes. It’s never been easier to enter the turn even at lower speeds and exit still on the plane – and planing through gybes is everybody’s desire!

At the same time its rail bite and its reliability when carving steady arcs will encourage the more advanced rider to push harder and corner with full dedication: Tighter and tighter turns, classic freestyle like duck gybes and carving 360s will be the name of the game. The Magic Ride can be quoted a bigger Freestyle Wave and is the most playful and manoeuvrable of JP’s freeride boards.


The true freerider: What is astonishing about this board line is its ease and smoothness. You’ll step on it and everything will happen naturally and predictably. The feel is “familiar” – like putting on an old pair of shoes: It just fits! Relaxed and confident, you’ll achieve more speed than on previous generations of freeride boards. Despite these easy-riding characteristics, performance and agility are not compromised at all. British WINDSURF once stated that the biggest surprise was its speed and that its performance is comfortable if not exceptional. The hull feels quick, lively and responsive. Planing readily, it provides traction which inspires you to push your fun and adrenaline and to let the board fly on its fin – in control!

You will be stunned by the light and easy handling when blasting along.

  • Still based on a thin and wide platform with adjusted proportions.
  • Slightly narrower at the centre and longer -> the stretched-out waterline makes early planing easier and lifts the board effortlessly onto the plane. It provides more directional stability at speed and more upwind power.
  • Even volume distribution keeps the centre of gravity close to the mast base
  • Wide nose makes it a stable platform when non-planing
  • Wide tail outline -> offers great release, reduces drag and improves high wind control.
  • Smooth deck shape guarantees a comfortable stance in every foot strap option and makes getting in and out of the straps easy.
  • Increased V-flow underneath for a comfortable ride, effortless gybing and an exciting, lively feel.
  • Good leverage to load up the fin.

An epitome of freeriding: A state-of-the-art synergy between easy handling and performance. This manoeuvre-oriented freeride board shines with fascinating manoeuvrability and easy carving gybes. The ease, smoothness, forgivingness and control enable incredible performance levels and improve everyone’s riding fun.

The two models combine all the advantages of their brothers with the benefits of this special technology: multiple footstrap positions for beginners and advanced windsurfers alike, a centre fin and full deck colour-coded EVA Pad (‘Intuitive Guide Pad’ – a guideline where to position your feet) making them great boards for the whole family.

Key features

  • Very stable when non-planing
  • Multiple plug options for beginners and advanced windsurfers
  • Powerbox centre fin
  • Colour coded full EVA Deck with microdot structure for good grip and comfort
  • Footstrap with scale for easy adjustment to the foot size
  • Intuitive Guide Pad
Volume (l) Length (cm) Width (cm) Weight (kg) Fin Box Fin setup Included fin Discipline
139 249 80 10.00 POWER BOX Single Fun 34 + Ride 44 Freeride
149 251 83 10.40 POWER BOX Single Fun 34 + Ride 48 Freeride

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